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Cheer For the Arts Costume Party at NTNU

 “Let’s cheer for the arts together”

The 2012 NTNU arts festival presented by the college of fine arts held the “Cheer For the Arts Costume Party” on March 23rd. Professor Chao Hui-ling from department of fine arts hosted the party. Beside the contestants from college of fine arts showed the audiences different aspects of costume arts, the teachers also participated in the costumes made by students. NTNU principal Chang Kuo-en showed up with the coach Kawasaki costume from the manga Slam Dunk.
NTNU arts festival presented variety activities to get the students became closer to the arts. The costume party contest, free portrait sketch, receipt donate activity, lectures, exhibitions, and creative market. 13 groups of contestants in the costume party contest showed their creativity, designed their own costumes and props and presented the costumes with short drama, singing, or dancing. The contest showed the creativity and vitality of the students from college of fine arts. 
One Japanese student from department of fine arts sang the Japanese songs with the splendid costume made by herself to show the appreciation to the dean of department of fine arts Li Chen-ming. She felt the warmness in NTNU and the college of fine arts.