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NTNU Student Association Greeted University of Macau Hospitably

 University of Macau College of Education student association called on NTNU on May 15th. NTNU 16th Student Association, NTNU Hong Kong Macao Association, Office of International Affairs, and Office of Student Affairs received our guest together. 44 students crowded in the hall. 

University of Macau College of Education student association- Funny Entertaining Day Student Association (FEDSA) was one of the five student associations in Macau. They provided an exchange platform for students and held lots of activities every year. The academic exchange activity “Teacher’s Road” held annually visited the normal university college of education everywhere. They called on NTNU as the first stop in Taiwan. 
Lu Yu-da from NTNU student association indicated that he was surprised to see students from Macao came to Taiwan without a teacher leading. He expected NTNU to have similar exchange chance in the future. 
FEDSA was founded by students in University of Macau. The president and the vice president were elected by the members.  The president Luo Wei-chieh indicated that NTNU had great environment. It was very nice to call on NTNU and appreciated student association enthusiastic reception.  The vice president Hung Yang-yang indicated that University of Macau wasn’t as big as NTNU. They would have the similar election like NTNU next year.