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2012 Global Creative Culture Forum in NTNU

 The NTNU “Talent Development Team Promotion Plan” held by Cultural & Creative Industries Center, Professor Lin Pan Sung, and five other hosts gradually reached the “combination” and “industrialization” goals. This year, they held the 2012 global creative culture forum in the case to reach the “globalization” goal. The forum invited scholars and experts from eight countries in the world, to exchange the creative culture trend and situation.

2012 global creative culture forum lecturers were brilliant experts from Japan, United Kingdom, Australia, Korea, and four other countries. Shane Walter was the founder and director of ONE DOT ZERO. ONE DOT ZERO was a creative platform company from United Kingdom. The company was mainly about provided a space for artists around the world to show their creativity and displayed their work anywhere in the world through the platform. The motion picture art exhibition created an equitable space for the users. No matter you were students, office workers, or masters in arts, you all started from the same line. The exhibition established for more than 10 years and had become one of the most important digital image exhibitions.
The forum would start from Jun 5th with creative culture comprehensive discussion and followed up with the lectures of “music” and “design”.