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Alumnus Liang Wei Sheng Donated 3 Million For School Development

 The Hong Kong alumnus Liang Wei Sheng from Department of English came back to NTNU third time this year and donated 3 million NT dollars for school development fund. Principal Chang Kuo En represented to receive the check. The fund would provide Graduate Institute of European Cultures and Tourism, Department of History, and Department of English as development fund. 

The Department of English alumnus Liang Wei Sheng had outstanding achievement after he graduated from NTNU. He appreciated his alma mater NTNU and returned to NTNU in 2007 and 2010 and respectively donated 3 million and 4 million NT dollars. Liang Wei Sheng indicated that if it weren’t for NTNU, he wouldn’t have the life he had now. Through donating money to support school development, Liang Wei Sheng expected students in NTNU would have a better education environment.
Principal Chang Kuo En also brought the good news to Liang Wei Sheng that NTNU had great improvement in the QS best Asian University ranking. Liang Wei Sheng expressed his joy and recalled his memory while studying in NTNU. He felt that the campus had changed a lot since then. The buildings had reconstructed and many new resources for students.
Principal Chang Kuo En represented all the students and staffs to show the appreciation to Liang Wei Sheng.