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Heads of China Education Affair Departments Called On NTNU for Exchange Student Issue

 China Soong Ching Ling Foundation and Heads of China Education Affair Departments called on NTNU on June 1st. The visit was mainly to exchange the experience with NTNU Principal Chang Kuo En, hoped through the China education workers; they could directly contact Taiwan universities. Solved the problems together and discussed the exchange students issue. 

To greet the China education workers, Principal Chang Kuo En led the Office of International Affairs, College of Technology, and the dean of Extension School of Continuing Education to respond to the education problems in Taiwan and China. 
NTNU exchanged the education superiority with heads of China education departments from Gansu, Hainan, Shaanxi, Jilin, Hunan, and Hebei. 
China Soong Ching Ling Foundation had established for 30 years. It devoted to the education exchange between China and Taiwan. It arranged the heads of China education departments to call on NTNU mainly for the increased number of Chinese exchange students to Taiwan. It hoped to build the cooperation system and promote the academic development.
The exchange student from Central China Normal University participated in the meeting. Principal Chang Kuo En indicated that there were less exchange students currently mainly because NTNU was lack of dormitory. However, NTNU had irreplaceable reasons for exchange students to come and study.