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NTNU Choir Brings the Music to Every Corner

NTNU choir awarded second place at the 2012 National Student Music Contest. After the practice for several months, NTNU choir won the contest based on their passion to music. They would keep on practicing and break the record in the future.

NTNU choir gathered students who loved to sing from every department. They devoted to spreading singing in chorus and voice art. It had 50 years history already and accumulated great results and experiences. Besides holding the concert every semester, they participated in the National Student Music Contest every year and had great result. The second place this year had breaks the record in the past.
The leader of the choir indicated that the breakthrough of the contest this year was to add the motion in the singing. He expected more students who love to sing to participate in choir and challenge more difficult songs.
The choir held the round trip every summer, to spread the beautiful music to the world. This year, the 12 days round trip would go to Miao Li, Nantou, Taichung, and Taipei, 12 days in total. Beside accumulated the experience and enhanced the skills, also served the society with the beautiful music.