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Alumnus Chao Fang Hao Awarded Second Price in International Festival- Competition Three of Classic Romance

 The 28 years old Chao Fang Hao was the alumnus from Department of Music. He was currently studying in Hochschule für Musik “Franz Liszt” Weimar and was about to complete the highest academic degree for vocalist, Kuenstliche Ausbildung. He had passed the test and would start taking courses of Aufbaustudium-Konzertexamen next semester. Chao Fang Hao had awarded the best new artists in the 2005 Mondial Chinese Vocalist Concours. He was invited by Ren Rong Performing Arts Center to perform in Taiwan last December. 

The International Festival- Competition Three of Classic Romance took place at Saint Petersburg in Russia. Most of the competitors were students or alumni from the St. Petersburg Conservatory and Moscow Conservatoire in Russia. Chao Fang Hao was awarded the second place with another tenor in Russia. It was a great news to receive such outstanding result in the international competition. We expected to receive the great news again from Chao Fang Hao in the near future.
Watch Chao Fang Hao’s amazing performance in the competition: