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2012 Hoping˙Download Taiwan China Students Shared Experience

 The 3rd Hoping˙Download Taiwan China Confucius Camp had ended successfully. On July 14th, the participated students shared their reflection and experience with public. Through brief, photos, and films, they expressed the unspeakable feeling. Principal Chang Kuo En highly praised their efforts. He hoped students could keep on working and light up more hearts.

NTNU led students from Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and Macao to the 19 junior high schools in the rural area in Taiwan from July 8th. They held the seminar on July 14th to share their unforgettable memories with teachers and students under the stage. 
Principal Chang indicated that he believed all the students participated had learned a lot from the teachers who devoted to the rural area education. Participated students shared the different personality and ideas and learned the spirit of teamwork.
In order to make the activity wonderful, students from Taiwan and China designed a series of fun and educational games for students to play and learn. All the students cooperated together, communicated and revised the activities to complete the 2012 Hoping˙Download successfully.