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The 3rd Forum on Music Research Centers in Asia Combined Tradition and Innovation

 How long had it been since you last heard the traditional music? The traditional music had lost its audiences because of the rise of pop music. However the traditional music had its own unique meaning and culture, and it could be combined with some innovational elements and displayed in its new form. The opening ceremony of the 3rd Forum on Music Research Centers in Asia was held at NTNU Wen Hui Hall on September 26th. NTNU Department of Music and other Taiwanese music bands played the music at the ceremony. The beautiful music amazed all the foreign scholars and musicians. 

The Forum on Music Research Centers in Asia was to hold for the cooperation of musicians and music archives centers since 2008 in different countries every year. NTNU Graduate Institute of Ethnomusicology and NTNU Music Digital Archives Center cooperated with University of the Philippines Center of Ethnomusicology to hold the 3rd forum this year. The traditional music was arranged by Professor Hsu Mu Tse from NTNU Department of Music. Combined the pop music elements with the traditional pipa, dulcimer, flute, and bamboo flute, presented the whole new feeling of traditional music. 
The forum proved that traditional music and pop music could combine agreeably. Through the forum, the traditional music found a new stage to present to the public.