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2012 Taiwan College Student Physicists’ Tournament Opening Ceremony

 NTNU Department of Physics held the 2nd Taiwan College Student Physicists’ Tournament. The opening ceremony was held on October 5th at NTNU Gong Guan campus. The ceremony invited the dean of Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica Li Ding Kuo, director of NTNU Department of Physics Wu Wen Chin, director of center of technology education Chang Chun Yen, and the secretary of China College Student Physics Competition Committee Li Chuan Yung to give the speech.

The participated schools in the tournament this year were China Nan Jing University, Nan Kai University, Beijing Normal University, NTNU, National Taiwan University, and National Central University. The competition was completely competing in English. The dean Li Ding Kuo indicated that they expected students to come up with the main points while discussing, exchange the ideas, and present the conclusion. The training was very important. 
Professor Chia Chi Gang from NTNU Department of Physics indicated that English took an important role in the competition this time. The language ability was the key to go to stand on the world stage. The competition expected to train students’ ability to cooperate with the team members. 
The physicists’ tournament was not only the academic seminar to discuss physics but also a stage to train students to think critically. It provided a platform for students from Taiwan and China to exchange their knowledge of Physics.