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China “Chu Chia Ying Music” Brought You the Beauty of Chinese Classical Music

The beat of the drum started heavily and steadily at NTNU hall on October 22nd night. The music group from China, “Chu Chia Ying Music” brought the thousands years music essence to everyone’s heart.

Chu Chia Ying was a little village in the north of China. Chu Chia Ying music played the wind instruments and percussion instruments. It was often performed and passed down at the local festivals and activities. Most of the performers were farmers. It had 600 years history already. Through the changing of dynasty in the past, it never changed. It was declared as the intangible cultural heritage in 2006.
The audience Liu Wen Tsan indicated that it was a pity that there was no record of the Chu chia Ying music. People could only appreciate the beauty of it instead of reserve it.