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NTNU Supported Disadvantaged Student to Reach the Dream

The 27 years old “Prince of Cake” Cheng Yi Chia suffered from the hearing problem since he was little. Living in the silent world, the cake was his entire life. His spirit of never giving up finally treated him the great reward in the baking field and won several international prizes. He now returned to his alma mater NTNU to open his first shop “Happiness and Life Workshop”. The opening phase from November 17th to December 23rd, all the cakes and bread were 10 percent off. He wished to share the happiness with all the neighbors around.

Cheng Yi Chia suffered from the hearing problem a little while after he was born. In order to find a job in the future, he chose to study in Kai Ping Culinary School. He was welling to learn and practice and won him the golden medal and silver medal for the continuous two years in the National Cake Decoration Contest. He went to India to participate in the International Vocational Skills Competition at the age of 18 and won the silver medal in the culinary group. He was recommended to enter NTNU and study in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies Culinary Group. After he graduated from NTNU, he was supported by Shan We Taipei and Ministry of Economic Affairs and established the Quilly Cake Workshop. Both of his parents devoted themselves to the cake business with Cheng Yi Chia.
Cheng Yi Chia was used to communicate with pens. He indicated that there was no sound in his world but as beautiful as everyone else’s world. He appreciated NTNU to support him fulfilled his dream.