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Let’s Go Studying In the Shiny Pleasant California

 Do you want to study in the shiny warm place like California? Do you want to study with the university students in United States? Office of International Affairs held the series of Internationalization workshop on the 20th of November, invited the representative of University of California, Irvine, Michael F. Lyons to introduce the university summer selection program.

United States University of California had 10 campuses. The Irvine campus located at the South California Irvine City was the youngest campus. The Irvine City was known as the “Dream City”. It was considered as the safest city in United States every year. The weather was comfortable and the city was connected with the ocean. It was perfect for students who loved the weather in summer and the students who loved sports and exercise. Starting from next summer, University of California, Irvine would open the summer selective courses for students. It would be a perfect chance for students to experiences the different culture and enhance the language ability.
University of California would open courses in different fields. Students would have a wide range of courses to select from. Each student would get a piece of UCI ID Cards as the local students. However, Michael F. Lyons indicated that the professors would treat both the local students and the international students the same. Students who were interested in taking the courses in UCI should be aware of the self language ability. 
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