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Professor Wang Wei Yen from Department of Applied Electronics Technology Awarded IEEE Fellow

 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) released the latest list of 2013 IEEE Fellow on 26th of November. NTNU Professor from Department of Applied Electronics Technology and director of information center received the award, to approve his contributions to “intelligence fuzzy controller system field. Professor Wang Wei Yen was the first professor in NTNU that received the award. He was the well-known scholar of the nonlinear system of intelligence fuzzy controller. Most of his thesis and paper were cited or made as references by the scholars around the world. 

IEEE was the biggest organization of the electrical and electronics engineers in the world. It had more than 400 thousands members from 160 countries in the world. Every year, the committee strictly selected the experts that had most contribution to the world to given the honor of IEEE Fellow. The nominated rate was less than 0.1%. 298 members in total were nominated as the IEEE Fellow this year. Only 9 experts in Taiwan received the 2013 IEEE Fellow. 4 professors from National Taiwan University, 1 professor from National Tsing Hua University, 1 professor from National Chiao Tung University, 1 professor from NTNU, 1 person from Academia Sinica, and 1 person from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited. 
Professor Wang Wei Yen was the first professor who received the honor in NTNU 66 years of history. This October, Professor Wang received the honor of The IET Fellow as well. The IET (The Institution of Engineering and Technology) had about 150 thousands members so far. It was the largest engineer organization in Europe. It mostly dedicated the award to the person who had leading ability in science and engineer field. 
Receiving two awards at the same time, Professor Wang Wei Yen indicated that he appreciated NTNU’s research resources a lot. Most of his research focused on the automatic industrialization, huge electronic machine, and intelligence system manufacturing and development. He published his first fuzzy nerve system thesis in 1995 and affected all the fuzzy theory research afterward. 
Professor Wang Wei Yen had received several awards in the past, including the Taiwan Association of System Science and Engineering Outstanding Contribution Award, Fu Jen Catholic University Research Award, and National Council Science Research Award 5 times. He was the president of Taiwan Association of System Science and Engineering, Taiwan Fuzzy Systems Association, and Taipei Youth Men’s Christian Association. His research area included the intelligence calculating, fuzzy nerve network, and the best controller. 
Since Professor Wang Wei Yen came to NTNU in 2007, he had been working hard on the research. He indicated he expected to work on the research in the future and make more contribution to the society.