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Department of Industrial Design Grabbed the Nissan Car Design Golden Award for the Continuous Two Years

 Have you ever imagine the rotating wheels could generate the electric power besides bringing you around?

Students from NTNU Department of Industrial Design form a team to participate in the 2011-2012 Nissan Japanese Car Design Competition. Their work “Endurance Life” beat all the other works and got the golden award and brought back a Nissan New March.
It was really not easy to get the golden award for the continuous two years, said the assisted professor Hung Yi Hsiung. Very few people connected the piezoelectricity materials with saving energy, or even applied it on the battery in car. Nissan saw the innovation idea of the team. What was most important was that the work “Endurance Life” was designed based on the concept of module and kit. It could be applied on different types of car, corresponded with the spirit of recycle and saving energy that Nissan requested. 
Nissan Car Design was the greatest car design competition in Taiwan. It had reached the 5th year since 2005. Approximately 1800 teams participated in the competition. In 2010, assisted professor Hung Yi Hsiung led Department of Industrial Design to participate in the competition and got the golden award with the work “Air Leaf”. 
The two NTNU students in the team, Lin Yu Hsiung and Chen Chian Hao indicated that they almost live in the lab. Learn from the failure was the team spirit. Applied what they learned in class and combined it with their creativity, finally came up with the outstanding works.