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Overseas Teaching Internship Program with National Institute of Education

 Professor Liu, Woon Chia and Professor Tan, G.C. Ivy represented National Institute of Education (NIE) to call on NTNU on the 8th of January for a 3 days exchange activity and signed the teaching internship program contract. Starting from 2013, it would be the 5 years exchange teaching internship student program. 

National Institute of Education was a technology research intensive university. It had the strong background of science and engineer and the great reputation worldwide. It was the only teacher training academy in Singapore. It devoted to build up a well-developed training program for students in the past few years. For its superior hardware development, it provided the research counseling service for educational field in Singapore. 
In order to broaden student’s international vision, NIE had signed the teaching internship contract with schools in Denmark, Finland, and United States. NIE caught an eye on NTNU’s great teaching environment and reputation of Mandarin Teaching Education. The signing of the exchange contract added up the chances for students to do the overseas internship. According to the content of the contract, NTNU Office of Teacher Education and Careers Service had the right to select students from each fields to Singapore to do the overseas internship since 2013. Through interned in the local middle school in Singapore, students could learn and experience the life and teaching in Singaporean schools and society. 
Besides signing the contract with NTNU, NIE professors called on the outstanding high schools and junior high schools in Taiwan as well, including The Affiliated Senior High School of National Taiwan Normal University, New Taipei Municipal Fu He Junior High School, and Taipei Municipal Song Shan Senior High School. Through the conference of administration and classroom observation, NIE learned and understood more about the teacher training system, school administrative system, and student cultural differences in Taiwan.
The cooperation this time was the first time NTNU signed the teacher training exchange contract with an overseas university. NIE expected to send 4 outstanding students to Taiwan this November to December to do the 5 weeks teaching internship. NTNU would send 4 teacher training students to Singapore next June and July. The 5 years contract allowed both schools to understand more about the different teacher training system in different countries.