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The World- Class Water Color Painter Yang En Sheng’s Ecology Stamp

 Less people used the stamps due to the invention of the electronic mail. However, the art collection value of the stamp didn’t decrease but increase. Painter yang En Sheng combined the ecology and environment issue into his stamp paintings and designing. “Ecology Cruise- Professor Yang En Sheng’s Ecology Painting and Stamp Design Exhibition” opened on the 13th of January. 

Professor Li Ho Pu from NTNU Department of Music led the NTNU orchestra to start up the opening ceremony. Professor Yang En Sheng’s high school classmates, painting friends, and his mentors all attended to wish him the best. NTNU Principal Chang Kuo En, the Minister of Ministry of Interior Lee Hong Yuan, the president of Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy Chien Yo Hsin, the legislator Chang Hsiao Feng, the Vice Minister of Environmental Protection Administration Executive Yuan Yeh Hsin Cheng, the Principal of Taipei Municipal Jian Guo High School Chen Wei Hung, NTNU former Principal Kuo Yi HSiung, NTNU secretary Lin An Pang, NTNU Director of General Affairs Office Wu Chung Hsin, the dean of NTNU College of Science Wang Chen Che, the curator of Postal Museum Chiang Ching Hsing, the head of management department of Shei Pa National Park Lin Ching, and the general manager of Pacific Construction Company Chang chi Ming all attended at the opening ceremony. 
Professor Yang En Sheng graduated from NTNU Graduated Institute of Fine Arts. He was the world- class artist who dedicated to art, ecology, and environment. He founded the art club in Taipei Municipal Jian Guo High School in 1972. He founded the “Taipei Ecology Art Association” in 1995. Yang En Sheng was the first painter who ever participated in the stamp design. He tried to communicate with the stamp collectors and designed the innovative stamp. He not only pursued the art but also emphasized on the correctness of science. 
Professor Yang En Sheng indicated, “design was never the work of one person, but a team. The most popular set of stamp was designed by NTNU alumni, including the vice principal Ling Pan Sung.”
The president of Postal Company Yo Lai Fang indicated that the stamp design took a whole year. The stamp was the card of a country. He was appreciated to cooperate with NTNU.