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The First English Taipei Guide Book Published around the World

 “We try to find something special in our book!”

Five students from NTNU Department of Education spent 18 months on writing the travel guide book “Taipei: Footsteps”. The entire book was written in English and was officially published in United States this January.

The main editor of the guidebook Lin Yo Chang knew the Professor Maryanne Horowitz from Occidental College, Los Angeles, CA while he was studying in United States. Professor Maryanne Horowitz was fascinated by the culture in Taipei after she traveled to Taipei. She established the plan and support students to finish this guidebook about Taipei. Therefore, five students from Department of Education, three edited the contents, one did the photography, and the other one was in charge of the illustration.

After several meetings, five people decided to divide Taipei into different areas. With the footnote and index at the end of the book and the contact of each attraction, foreigners could search for the information they needed in a short period of time.

“We hoped to connect some places like NTNU Mandarin Teaching Center. This book could be a great gift for the foreign students,” indicated the five writers of the books. They expected to cooperate with hotels or airlines in the future, for more people to see the beauty of Taipei.

“Taipei: Footsteps” Facebook Fan Page:!/Taipeifootsteps?fref=ts