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500 Thousands Scholarship for Outstanding New Students

 NTNU expected to recruit new students talented in intellect, science, music, arts, or sports fields. The scholarship provided students at most 500 Thousands Scholarship in total. The students could apply for the scholarship with reaching just one of the qualifications: 1. Got more than 73 in the university entrance exam. 2. Received at least bronze medal in International Olympia Competition or other International Science Competition. 3. Received level 4 and up in United States International Science Exhibition. 4. Outstanding performances in international music, arts, or sports competition.

Most students who had outstanding performances on intellectual applied for Department of English and Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling. 
NTNU Director of Center for Teaching and Learning Development Liu Hsiang Lin indicated that he hoped the students could all choose the subjects that they were really interested in. He encouraged students to choose something based on their hobby or interests and do it to the best.