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College of Social Science Practiced the Social Security System

 NTNU College of Social Science was established in August 2009. It was the youngest college in NTNU. The current dean Pan Shu Man proposed the developed the basic ideas of “combining research and practiced the social security system”

College of Social Science was actively combining the resources of the department in the college, including Graduate Institute of Political Science, Graduate Institute of Mass Communication, and Graduate Institute of Social Work to build the NTNU social science featuring program. Furthermore, the college combined the research centers, including Center for Media Literacy, Indigenous Research and Development Center, and Center for Social Work and Family Studies. Through combining the resources in and out of NTNU, gradually turned into the cross profession research, to raise the academic power in the college. 
Through the year, College of Social Science had cooperated with several social science institute and other graduate institutes to sign the academic cooperation agreement with international institutes. Besides exchanging with the universities in China, College of Social Science expected to promote further cooperation with Europe, America, and countries from East Asia, to strengthen the power of influence of College of Social Science. 
Recently, the whole College of Social Science had moved together to the same building in the main campus. The dean Pan Shu Man expected the different institutes could cooperate with each other and use the resources wisely to create more opportunities in the future for everyone.