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College of Education- Student is the Foundation of Education

 College of Education is the hugest college in NTNU, including 7 departments and 5 graduate institutes. It had a long history, therefore, they college of education was very well- organized and became the head of reformation in NTNU. Many other colleges tended to follow College of Education reformation. For example, when College of Education turned to interior evaluation from exterior evaluation, it became other colleges’ reference. For the 

In beside of other college always set a clear goal to lead the department to improve, the dean of College of Education Chou Yu Wen said that each department had its own development, College of Education just need to observe from the side and assist when needed.
Recently, College of Education had signed the exchange cooperation agreement with Japan Nagoya University. Following, Japan University of Tsukuba, Japan Tohoku University, United States Vanderbilt University, and United States Pennsylvania State University College of Education all contacted NTNU College of Education for further cooperation. Department of Education had cooperated with University of California, Los Angeles for the summer school program. It had been holding for 6 or 7 times. Department of Education Psychology and Counseling participated in the summer program in Japan Tohoku University in 2012 July. Two students and one teacher participated in it. Tohoku University was preparing to sign the double degree agreement with NTNU. Besides, Department of Human Development and Family Studies held the long distant courses with United States Maryland University. Both sides exchange the academic resources through the webcam. The dean Chou indicated that the agreement was not just about signing the contract but deeply exchanged the culture and experiences. The college would cooperate with United States Columbia University College of Education in the near future.
College of Education had held different type of seminars and workshops very often. The issues discussed would be gathered together and published  . Each department in the College of Education had published their own periodicals. The college of Education had supported with the fund.
The dean indicated that 40% of bachelor students could take the educational courses and students from College of Education were more motivated to do so. Through the chances organized by school, 50% of students do something related to education after graduation. The college also encouraged students to get the certifications in different fields. With the reformation of NTNU from the teacher training university to the comprehensive university, students in College of Education had more chance to combine their study with the industry. If the students chose to participate in the exchange program, college of education would support students with the scholarship. 
College of Education was developing based on student   s’ need. They were not only giving students the knowledge but also the way to live and the moral of life, for students to face the challenge without fear in the future.