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Professor Aquiles Delle Vigne is Back to NTNU

 Do you remember Professor Aquiles Delle Vigne splendid piano class in the past few years? This year, Professor Aquiles Delle Vigne came back to NTNU again and held the two weeks piano program with Department of Music. In the last day, Professor Aquiles would select the outstanding students to hold the concert together.

Professor Aquiles Delle Vigne was the professor from Hogeschool Muziek en Theater Rotterdam. Professor Aquiles was the well- known international pianist, music educationist, and also the guest professor in NTNU Department of Music. Recent years, Professor Aquiles had come to NTNU to hold the piano class and special lectures. Students in Department of Music had always been looking forward to Professor Aquiles’s coming, especially this year, because Professor Aquiles would select the outstanding students and perform with him.

Professor was not only known for his amazing techniques on playing piano but also his contribution to the music education. His students had received more than 100 awards in the international music competitions. He had been invited to be the judge or host in the international competition several times. The feature of his teaching was he emphasized on the feeling of the music students were playing.

If you are interested in seeing Professor Aquiles Delle Vigne in person and the students he taught, all the classes were opened for the public to listen.

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