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Japan Waseda University Called on NTNU for Chinese Education

Three professors from Japan Waseda University led 18 students to call on NTNU for the short-term Mandarin workshop. The workshop was last for 17 days including the Mandarin education and the cultural experiences. They came to NTNU to meet the students from Department of Chinese as a Second Language on the 6th of March.

Waseda University Department of Chinese Teaching had developed a cooperating relationship with NTNU Graduate Institute of Chinese as a Second Language since 2001. In the 12 years, both sides had called on each other several times and had started the intensive cooperation plan already, including the regular TV long distance tutorial, TV discussion, long distance teaching materials writing, and long distance oral exam. Both sides published the related theses on the Chinese education international seminar.

This would be the 12th time Waseda University led the students to call on NTNU. More than 200 students had come to Taiwan. Graduate Institute of Mandarin Teaching combined with Department of International Mandarin and Chinese Culture in 2012 and turned into Department of Chinese as a Second Language. They recruited international students in the bachelor degree. Students from more than 30 countries were studying in the four year bachelor program including the courses of linguistic, Chinese culture, Chinese society study, and Chinese teaching.