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Japan Aichi University of Education Called on NTNU for Digital Learning

 Japan Aichi University of Education and Sakura College University called on NTNU on the 15th of March. NTNU Office of International Affairs received the guests. Both sides exchange the experience and information on teacher education, information education, and digital learning.

Coordinator of Office of Teacher Education and Careers Service Courses Group Chang Min Chie indicated that NTNU was the target school of teacher education development in Taiwan. NTNU promoted the regulation of at least master degree to become a middle school teacher. Coordinator Chang mentioned that NTNU students had the highest rate of passing the teacher certification test in Taiwan. The average passing rate in 2012 was 61.78% and NTNU was 85.28%.

As for the student internship part, director of Office of International Affairs Chen Chiu Lan mentioned that in the 5th year of study. Student could select the intern school in the contract school list. After the internship, students return to school and discussed about their internship and details. NTNU maintain the passing rate of 80% from 2006 to 2010.

Coordinator Wang Yao Lung from Information Center Teaching Service and digital technology promotion group introduced the advantages of digital learning platform. The online platform could manage the courses more efficiency and assisted the learning. Coordinator Wang indicated that the courses provided in the online platform including the regular course, counseling education, general education, and combined with the internship part for students to communicate with their teachers online. The digital learning platform combined students’ academic information as well. Teacher could easily control students’ learning progress and correct the homework. Coordinator Wang hoped that the digital platform could arrange some open classes in the future as well.