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Author Chu encourages NTNU students to make a difference

'I believe in you,' renowned author and translator Lucifer Chu (朱學恒) told a packed auditorium of NTNU students on Thursday. 'The question is, do you believe in yourself?'


Chu, who has earned the affectionate nickname God of the Nerds (宅神) for his translation of Lord of the Rings and other fan favorites, showered excited students with advice about being creative and following dreams. He was one of several speakers talking on charity work and making a difference.


'Dreams shine so brightly precisely because they are so hard to achieve,' he said, and the process of bettering oneself to achieve those dreams is the most important part. 'Your legacy will be your spirit, not your awards,' he advised.

The same goes for doing public service, he added: 'Next time you want to say you can't do something, stop and think about it. People become heros because of their choices, not their abilities,' he said.