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NTNU's Hung Yu-chao breaks record in Intercollegiate Games

Hung Yu-chao (洪鈺釗), a Master's student at NTNU, finished his last go at the National Intercollegiate Athletic Games with quite an achievement -- breaking an 8-year record for track and field. The Physical Education student came in with a record time of 01:51.07 for the 800 m middle-distance run.

Hung also performed well in the 1500 m run, in which his time of 04:00.98 earned him a silver medal.

But the runner isn't letting himself off quite so easily. Hung said after the events that he felt he was not at the top of his game until near the end. "Before my race, my teammate Yang Shu-chun (陽書淳) came in first in the female 800 m run, which put me in top condition and boosted my morale for the final race," he said.

Hung said this is his last time competing in the Intercollegiate Games, but he hopes to be selected for the Athletics events of the Universiade, also called the World University Games. 

"I don't know yet where competing will take me," he added, "but I'll take every race seriously."