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Linguists gather at NTNU for high-profile academic conference

National Taiwan Normal University had the honor of hosting this year's International Association of Chinese Linguistics annual conference for the first time in seven years. The event brought together top linguists researching the Chinese language from across the globe for three days of academic discussion which wrapped up on June 9.

The conference saw over 200 oral thesis presentations and 75 poster presentations from some of the experts in attendence, who hailed from 20 different countries. The ten major themes of the conference were phonology and morphology; syntax; semantics and pragmatics; cognitive linguistics; applied linguistics; psycholinguistics; computational linguistics; language acquisition; language and technical applications; language and information science.

In keeping with previous years, the association offered up a youth achievement award for outstanding research from up-and-coming scholars. However unlike the last two years, where judges awarded no prizes at all, this year's conference saw awards presented to three differint young researchers.

NTNU hopes that by hosting high-profile academic conferences such as this one, it can continue to seek a higher level of academic achievement and contribution.