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International Conference on Teacher Education was held in NTNU

Commissioned by the Ministry of Education, the 3rd International Conference on Teacher Education Focusing on Teaching Materials and Methods Course was held in NTNU on Oct 23rd and 24th. Scholars from around the world gathered together and fruitful discussion was reached.

The topic of this year is “the teacher of teacher is the key of teacher education”.
On the opening ceremony, Chair of the Association of Teacher Education, R.O.C. Wu Ching-ji stated that students will feel the passion of a teacher with well teaching efficiency and that’s how education evolves and he indicated the importance of teaching method.

There are plenty of forums and discussion in this conference. Speeches on the first day, discussion and workshop on the second day. 498 people have signed up for the first day and 636 people have signed up for the workshop on second day. The host is happy to see that many people have shown interest in teacher education. The aim of this conference is to emphasize the importance of teaching method in university teacher education.

The Key note speaker of the first day is Dr. Lee S. Shulman, the first person that initiated the idea of Pedagogical Content Knowledge. Other famous speaker include Lynn Paine from Michigan University, Anthony Clarke from the University of British Columbia, NG Pak Tee from Nanyang Technology University. They have gave speeches from different angles of teaching education.