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First Online Program for Teaching Chinese as Second Language


With the economic growth in China, Chinese has become a dominate language in the world. NTNU announced on Marth 11st that for the first time, we are recruiting oversea students for the on-the-job training program for Teaching Chinese as Second Language. All courses are taken online, so they don’t have attend classes in Taiwan. It’s estimated that students can get their degrees in 2 years.
Dean of Academic Affairs, Chen Chao Chen said that in the past, online on-the-job training program was for Taiwanese applicants only, but many countries have been organizing online on-the-job training program, taking students around the world.
The Dean of the Department of Applied Chinese Language and Culture (ACLC), Zhen-Xing Lin, said that there are more than 6000 students in the Mandarin Training Center every year, the Department of Chinese as a Second Language and the Department of Applied Chinese Language and Culture also take oversea students. When they return to their home country, they become Chinese teachers but the lack the professional training path. They often hope for an on-the-job training program.
Dean Lin said that the applicants can submit their applications from the 25th of March till the 31st of May. Under the restriction of current law, any one who is now working full time overseas can apply except for those living in mainland China. There’s no limitation for their bachelor’s degrees and the final list will be decided according to their materials and online interview. The final result is expected to be announced on June 30st and the course will start in September.
Dean Lin said that oversea Chinese teachers face a problem of giving up their jobs and come back to Taiwan to pursue further study. With this new program, oversea teachers can have access to more professional and well-designed courses to sharpen their skills. The target of recruitment is to teachers in South East Asia and Northern America, places that need Chinese teacher the most.

The Distinguished Professor of DACLC, Lan Yu Ju, stated that there are many universities that have Chinese departments, if the students want to teach Chinese in their home country and need a professional program, NTNU will be their first choice.
Application starts from the 25th of March till the 31st of May, 2016.
1. Graduated from universities under the Ministry of Education, or graduated from oversea universities that are approved by the Ministry of Education; those has a bachelor's degree or equivalent diploma
2. Have at least one year overseas working experience and is now full time worker overseas
3. First round: hand in materials
4. Second Round: Online interview
Date of Announcement: June 30th, 2016
Required credits: 24 credits
Contact: 02-77343833