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Pennsylvania State University Visits NTNU


On the 11th of March, there’s a pleasant discussion between the Pennsylvania State University and the Department of Civic and Leadership. The topic of the talk is What Does Civic Education Mean in a Globalized World?
Pennsylvania State University has a very solid relationship with NTNU for many years. This time, Dr. Scott Metzger came with five graduate students. Vice President Wu Cheng Chih came to show warm welcome and gave them flashlights with NTNU mark on it. The visiting group will stay for a week and students from the Department of Civic and Leadership will be responsible for showing them around Taipei as well as discussion. 
When the talk began, Dr. Scott Metzger talked about Civil War, the Great Depression, etc, and he went into detailed categories like citizen participation, media and popular culture, identity drift and anti-globalization. Five graduate students shared their thoughts, followed by Q & A session, which is the most fruitful moment. 
Wideline Seraphin, a graduate student from PSU, said that they went to Jing-Mei Human Rights Memorial and Cultural Park the day before. She wonders how the teachers in Taiwan teach this kind of past event to students so that they can learn the history. 
One of the students of NTNU said that because of the cultural differences, students of PSU care more about what is the proper way of teaching, but we can more about how could we catch up the teaching schedule in time. It is because of the differences that add some flavor into the discussion.