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Two Prof. from NTNU Enters the Government

Lists of government officials were announced on 10th of May. The associate Professor Wang Ming Huey from the Department of Geography is assigned to be the Deputy Minister of the Council of Indigenous Peoples while the Professor Tsai Hui Ming from the Graduate Institute of Environmental Education is assigned as the Deputy Minister of the Atomic Energy Council. 
Prof. Wang received his PhD from NTNU and is specialized in Social Geography, Social Geography of Taiwanese Aboriginals, World Geography and Community Planning. The new spokesperson of the Executive Yuan, Tung Chen Yuan said that Wang is from the Tsou tribe and has shown his passion about the right of Indigenous People for a long time. He is also a member of the think tank of Democratic Progressive Party.
Prof. Tsai graduated from the Department of Biology, later she persued her degrees in Ohio State University, New York University and National Taiwan University. Her expertise are Research expertise to the research of islands environmental, sustainable development, environmental literacy, environmental change and sustainable development, resilient theory, environmental education and exhibition planning. According to Tung, Prof. Tsai hopes to lead several cooperation projects between the central and local governments with an aim to facilitate the communication between departments. In the future, it’s hoped that Prof. Tsai can benefit the government by her expertise of ecological assessment, especially the problem of the storage of nuclear waste.