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NTNU Helps Draw the Blue Map of IT Education

To catch up with the new generation, you need to know more than hanging on facebook. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has listed digital literacy as one of the key abilities in the 21st century. Future talents should be productive with the help of a computer. Under the assistant of NTNU, the Ministry of Education listed the blue map of digital education for the next 5 years. In year 2018, information and technology will be included as obligatory courses and students will learn how to write code and apps. It’s hoped that middle school and Elementary school students will have lessons with the help of tablets and other mobile devices.  
Vice President Wu Cheng Chih said that at the moment, only high school list the information and computer education course as obligatory, it is a selective course in primary and secondary schools. In the course outline of the 2018 version, the information and computer education will be integrated into all subjects of the elementary courses. In middle school and senior high, there will be separate courses each week. 
Wu said that courses include algorithms, programming (accounting for 50% of the course content), platform, application of information technology, data representation and processing and analysis, as well as information technology and human. He also said that codes aren’t hard to learn, students can learn how to solve problem by writing codes. 
The Minister of Education Wu Se Hwa said that everyone has been working on this blue map since last year and the final version will be carried out in June. 
The Chinese version of the blue map can be downloaded from the website of the Ministry of Education