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Feel the Exotic Taste and Love from Myanmar Week

The Myanmar week of 2016 is held on 23rd of May by the volunteer team, Love Myanmar. All kinds of mouthwatering food like Myanmar style milk tea and Burmese tofu are popular among students. On the booth, you can see traditional Myanmar cloth and accessories. There are also second hand crafts on sale. 
The Club started 9 years ago, bringing volunteers to Myanmar to provide teacher education in Overseas Chinses School. They would also collect Chinese learning books and notebooks to found a library there. This year so far they have collected 130 thousands of books. Professor Yen Miao Kuei of the Departments of Civics and Education is the instructor of the club. Students of that club have chances to learn about how to organize and plan an event.
Because of the discrimination policy in Myanmar, it’s not easy to teach Chinese there. Facing this problem, Love Myanmar provide a long term resource or even volunteer there. Huang Wei Ting, a student from the Department of Civics and Education said that “I hope to bring education, something that we’ve taken for granted, to Myanmar.”
Lin Yu Chung, one of the recruitment leader said that he was touched by the sharing session. He wants to join the club because he would like to devote himself into education. Chen Guen Yao, another student said that volunteering in a long term commitment. We are all helping the club and it’s important to go on and on. 
Please go to their facebook page if you want to donate books