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NTNU and China Asia Associated University Set up Mandarin Center

As the market of mandarin learning expands around the world, NTNU cooperates with Asia University and China Medical University and signed the agreement of establishment the “United Mandarin Center of NTNU and China Asia Associated University” on July 6th at Asia University. 
With the establishment of United Mandarin Center of NTNU and China Asia Associated University, Jeffrey Tsai, the President of Asia University said that mandarin teaching is one of the key subjects of the “Southbound Policy”. National Taiwan Normal University has the leading mandarin center in the world. China Asia Associated University will have the chance to become more internationalized with the new mandarin center. 
The Vice President of China Medical University, Chen Jyh Hong is glad that the United Mandarin Center of NTNU and China Asia Associated University is established in Asia University, which is especially meaningful. President Chang of NTNU said that now NTNU set up a mandarin learning center in mid Taiwan, providing the training courses of mandarin teacher, teaching materials and the platform, attracting more foreign students to come to Taiwan and learn mandarin. 
Asian University also set up the “South East Asia Reginal Research Center” in accordance with the “Southbound Policy” of the new government. Chen Yinghuei, Dean of College of Humanities and Social Science, pointed out that Taiwan has the advantage among South East Asia and we can open up language courses. On the other side, the mandarin center in Asian University will draw South East Asian students to come and learn mandarin.  
President Cheng said that there are 8000 students come to NTNU to learn Chinese and some of them can go to China Asia Associated University. With the cooperation of three school, we can promote the mandarin learning industry and fight for expanded market.