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The Opening of the Office of Global Mandarin Education

The Office of Global Mandarin Education, founded in March this year, was opened September 20th .Director-General of the Department of International and. Cross-strait Education, Yang Ming Ling and the Principal Investigator, President Chang hosted the opening ceremony together. Many people from departments of Chinese Teaching, related fields and groups all attended the event. The first advisory committee was held right after the ceremony. 
Director-General Yang says that because the trend of learning Chinese, the Ministry of Education has been promoting the policy of sending Mandarin teachers abroad. Since The 8-year project of construction and application of Mandarin in 2013, the quality of Mandarin Leaning Institutes has been improved, the oversea market has been expand and the TOCFL is known to more and more people. 
Now there are 46 universities that has mandarin learning center that can teach foreign students Chinese. In the past few year, Asian account for the largest percentage for foreign students, American is at second and Europe is the third. In 2006, 9,135 people came to learn Chinese; in 2015, the number rose to 18,645. It’s a proof that the quality and outcome of Taiwanese Mandarin Teaching has made progress. 
Except telling the world that Taiwan is a good place for learning Mandarin, the Ministry of Education has been working on building Taiwan as a base for Mandarin teacher training. There are 30 Mandarin institutes in Taiwan. Since The Certification Examination for Proficiency in Teaching Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language was held in 2006, 3,548 people have acquired the certificate by 2015. In respond to the rising need of Mandarin teachers abroad, the Ministry of Education has been sending around 80 teachers to different countries each year. The interactive and creative teaching of Taiwanese teachers is becoming popular among the world. 
In addition, the Ministry of Education has set up a national language proficiency test to effectively assist Chinese learners in finding employment. In recent years, more than 200 examinations have been held at home and abroad each year. The number of test centers has reached to 33 countries. In 1992, which was the first year of TOCFL, 110 people took the test. In 2014, the number reached 37,353. In total, more than 250,000 people have attended the test. In order to promote the development of overseas Chinese language courses, teachers, teaching methods, teaching materials and exams to the rest of the world, the Ministry of Education encouraged the Mandarin learning research teams to develop the demand of overseas Chinese learning markets actively, significant results have shown in 30 cities, 18 countries. 
President Chang, the executor of the office of Global Mandarin Education said that NTNU has the mission of promoting Chinese language education. As early as 60 years ago, NTNU established Taiwan's first university-level Chinese language teaching center and in 1995, the first professional Mandarin teaching graduate institute was founded. During 2011 to 2015, 350 students from that department when to more than 20 countries to teach Mandarin. 27% of the students teach abroad after graduation. In addition, they also cooperated with the Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee.