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NTNU Grabbed Runner up at 2016 Mobileheroes

This year, a total of 372 teams, nearly a thousand contestants, joined the 2016 Mobileheroes, a competition that aims to develop a variety of innovative, wearable devices, application and Internet of Things with EMediaTek LinkIt. Solve the problem we face in everyday life with technology. The team “NTNUME_SPLab” led by professor Wu Shuen De of the Department of Mechatronic Engineering grabbed the runner up.
This year's award-winning teams are based on environmental ideas and personal safety. They design the Internet of things and wear devices to improve mountaineering and campus safety, there’s an auto detection system that detects leak and reduce water waste. Young participants are very creative, a team from Rixin Elementary School was awarded the future talent award. 
Yang Yu Chun, vice president of the Internet of Things Division of MediaTek said that the company has been sponsoring for 3 consecutive years. Many outstanding teams become start-ups or appear on fundraising platforms. MediaTek hopes to provide a platform that realize people’s dreams. Through the competition, product platform and technical support, MediaTek helps young developers to show their creativity, accelerating the development of Internet of things and wear device products combining hardware, software and services.
The team of NTNUME_SPLab, which are students from the Signal Processing Laboratory of the Department of Mechatronic Engineering, NTNU grabbed the second place by the low-cost Global Navigation Satellite System. The team is composed by two graduate students and three undergrads and led by Prof. Wu. The devices designed by other teams are really creative and functional, such as a wear device that can measure the angle of knee in order to remind the user of appropriate usage of knee. An auto machine that helps farmer get rid of birds to protect rice, AI gauze that has a built in sensing patch that monitors the wounds. 
In addition to the development of the Internet of Things competition, there’s another 4G/5G Smart Terminal Antenna Design Competition, which is also sponsored by MobileTeam for 3 consecutive years. The top 3 of this year are " MIMO multi-antenna design for all-metal flat panel "," slotted-hole MIMO antenna with crossover mechanism "and" low-profile LTE MIMO antenna design ".