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Workshop on online education from PSU and NTNU

The professors and faculties of Pennsylvania State University visited NTNU on November 7th and had a lovely discussion with their counterparts. On November 14th to 16th, a three day workshop was held, focusing on-line university and digital courses.
In addition to Vice President Wu, Vice President Sung Yao Ting, Dean of Academic Affairs, Chen Chao Chen, University Librarian Ke Hao Ren, Dean of NTNU Extension Director from the Information Technology Center Chang Chun Fa and other Professors and faculties from MTC, Department of Applied Chinese came to this workshop.
At the beginning, Vice President Wu Cheng Chi greeted Renata Engel, Karen Pollack, Laurence B. Boggess, Karen Paulson and hoped that the workshop can be held smoothly and more exchange activities in the future.
The world campus of Penn State is ranked the top of the world. In 1892, they set up the first correspondence course in America. From 1892 onwards, the distance course has a 125-year history. Now the students come from 50 states of the United States and more than 60 countries, seven continents. The curriculum of the world's campus is designed primarily from a pedagogical point of view. Instructional designers will assist teachers in designing online courses. A series of complete services were offered to students, from the provision of materials, the analysis of courses to career planning, you can have them answered.
The focus of the workshop is on the discussion and exchange of the campus network and digital courses. The library, the center for teaching and learning development, and the department of the Applied Chinese Language and Culture introduced several courses currently being promoted, including MOOCs, the digital university, the digital on the job courses. Penn State also shared its experience in promoting digital courses and digital degrees. This workshop was filled with valuable brainstorming and sparkling discussion.