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Thai Guests from Department of Higher Education Visited NTNU

On December 12th, Mr. Kajorn Jitsukummongkol, Deputy Director of the Department of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education of Thailand, led a delegation of 53 officials and university faculties to visit NTNU. Yu Kuang Chao, Director of the Office of International Affairs and Deputy Director Chiang I Tsun welcomed them with personally. 
In Director Yu’s opening speech, he was glad that Mr. Kajorn Jitsukummongkol visiting NTNU. In recent years, NTNU has established nearly 300 renowned universities around the world as sister schools. We share the experience with students and faculties and welcome students and teachers from sister schools. We have nine sister schools in Thailand and 96 sister schools in Asia. We are very interested in developing cooperation with Thai universities in the near future and look forward to establishing friendship and further cooperation with higher education of Thailand universities.
The purpose of the visit of the Department of Higher Education is to learn how top universities in Taiwan run student related businesses and wish to have a more efficient working environment in Thailand. Deputy Director Chiang I Tsun delivered a speech about the structure of student affairs and the services provided. The guests are all impressed by his talk. Both sides chatted happily and shared a wonderful discussion. 
Mr. Kajorn Jitsukummongkol said that they truly appreciated the warm greeting from NTNU and hope that both parties can hold more events together. They also invited faculties of NTNU to Thailand. 
After formal discussion, the NTNU Ambassador introduced the campus for the guests, who visited the student counseling center and Extracurricular Activities Section. They really like the NTNU Ambassadors and praised them as excellent students. The guests hope that more and more NTNU students can visit or exchange at universities in Thailand.