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International Cultural Week : It’s Travel Time

The most expected event international culture week is back! The open ceremony this year was held on March 14th, hosted by the award winning host, Rifat Karlova, who is also an alumnus of NTNU. Many guests were presented to show their support for the fun and educational event of NTNU. 
This year’s theme of the international culture week held by OIA is “it’s travel time”. Students can learn from different culture, history and food when travel between the booths. In the academic year of 2016, there are 450 exchange students coming to NTNU and 233 students studying abroad. In addition to gain valuable experience from a different country, it’s possible to intern abroad.
Vice President Cheng Chih Fu said that “We have this kind of international week every year so that exchange students and local students can learn from each other. Foreign students display their food, home souvenirs or culture, students in Taipei can know more about the world on their own campus.”
What’s worth mentioning is that NTU System schools, NTU and NTUST started their own international culture week as well. NTUST held an Indonesia night earlier this month, and here comes international culture week at NTNU, and last, the carnival held by NTU in late April. NTU System started in 2015 and it’s great to see all schools to work together for the same goal, that is, to introduce a campus that’s open to all culture. 
Guests that visited the opening ceremony are from NTU, NTUST and also officers from Overseas Community Affairs Council, Indonesian Economic and Trade Office To Taipei and H.E. Ambassador William Manuel Tapia Aleman from Nicaragua. Ambassador Tapia said that this kind of event allows foreign students to know more Taiwanese students to learn from each other’s culture and habits. 
Students who attend the cultural week said that they love this kind of event, especially the delicious food, they hope that students from more countries can be involved next time.