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NTNU Signed MOU with Vocational Schools in Taipei

This semester, NTNU and seven Public Vocational schools in Taipei city designed a "life skills courses" which achieved good results. On June 6th, NTNU and these schools signed a memorandum of cooperation to expand the scale of cooperation, for example, project research, teacher and equipment support, educational resources and so on.
International issues are brought up several times at the ceremony. In addition to teacher exchanges, cooperation in production and cooperation, President Chang hopes to be able to work together on projects as well as pre-university courses. The bilateral cooperation will bring us to a more international level. The Deputy Director of the Department of Education He Ya Juan also said that through this cooperation, students will become more competitive and dare to dream big.
Outstanding teachers from these 7 schools are invited to give lessons about useful skills that can be applied to daily life, including repair by plumber/electrician, photography, gardening and so on. Each class is around six-hour and students will be able to learn practical knowledge and skills at the end of three weekends as well as 1 credit of general knowledge. By providing courses of practical skill, we hope that students can have cross discipline ability and achieve the ideal of holistic education. 
Taipei Municipal Daan Vocational High School provided courses about motorcycle repair, which is really helpful to college students. Muzha Vocational High School and  Taipei Municipal Nangang Vocational High School prepared household repair with different focus. One school focuses on electronic devices and tubes and another focuses on air conditioner and plumber. Taipei Municipal Nei-Hu Vocational High School taught students how to write apps. 
Taipei Municipal Shilin High School of Commerce provided business knowledge and taught students the secret of business in life. Song Shan High School of Business and Home Economics and Taipei Municipal Songshan High School of Agriculture and Industry provided photography class and gardening lessons. 
It is hoped that by signing the memorandum of cooperation, teachers and students from these school can have more opportunities of learning in the future. They can also play a role in combining with theory and practice and achieve the greatest benefit of cooperation, and enhance the school's research energy and development.