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Wu Tzu Ying from the Dept. Of Design Tops at Adobe Design Achievement Award

 Hot springs of Jiaoshi, fishing culture in Suao are illustrated on the beautiful bento that with models of local food. When seeing those designs, locals who leave their country feel nostalgic and travelers feel amused.  The designer is Wu Tzu Ying, a graduate student from the Department of Design who received the award for the 16th Adobe Design Achievement AwardPackaging Design in the commercial segment. 

The ADAA is a global digital media competition for student creators. Connected to industry professionals, academic leaders, and top brands, the ADAA aims to launch the next generation of student creative careers. There are 14 awards given in fine art, commercial and social impact. Judges are experts around the world. 3 honorable mentions and another 3 works from Taiwanese students are selected. 
The inspiration of Wu's work, "Packaging of Ekibens in Yilan", comes from places in Yilan like Lodong, Suao, Jiaoshi. By adding the graphic of local culture, travelers can enjoy the taste of Yilan in traveling. This is why this work stands out from the others. 
Grew up in Jiaoshi, Wu said that she wants to promote the local culture of Yilan. This is her graduation work, and she spent 6 months researching, asking opinions from local friends and then present the final work.  In addition the packaging, she also put local ingredients in the bento, like kumquat orange and half boiled egg from Jiaoshi and made food model to decorate the bento.