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International Wetland Experts at Wetland Camp Met Future Talents

The "Symbolic Ark2.0: Taiwan Research Camp", organized by the Construction and Planning Agency of the Ministry of the Interior, was held in NTNU on October 16th. Prof. Fang Wei Ta from the Graduate Insitute of Environmental Education invited five representatives and experts from International convention centers of wetlands to give talks to NTNU students to promote the talent of wetland in Taiwan.
Three workshops were held throughout Taiwan in NTNU, National Chung Hsing University and National Cheng Kung University. The topics are different in different places. Wetland environmental education and talent, biodiversity of wetland, and the ecology of wetland and renewable energy facility are being discussed. 
Administrative Deputy Minister of the Ministry of the Interior, Lin Tzu Ling came and showed her support. She mentioned that this is the first time a wetland camp was held in Taiwan. It's hoped that through experience-sharing, the restoration of wetland can be promoted smoothly. Sometimes people think that their rights got violated once their land is regarded as a wetland. It's very important for the government and public to communicate smoothly so bring a brighter future of the wetland. Ramsar Regional Center-EA Executive Director Mr. Suh Seung Oh, Executive Director of National Geographic Jay Lee and Associate Professor Fang Wei Ta are key speakers 
Wetland member project is open to university students that are interested in the research of wetland. Six students were selected for the project that lasts almost one week long. It is a really great opportunity for them to learn from the experts and gain the latest knowledge of conservation and restoration of wetland in the world. 
Jay Lee, an Executive Director of National Geographic who has worked in the media laboratory of Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Jay Lee said that the wish that some group from Taiwan will apply for the subsidy from National Geographic Society - Asia so that the world can see the cases of restoration, conservation and ecology education in Taiwan. This could be a chance of NTNU.