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International Culture Day at Linkou with Local Community

Students from the Division of Preparatory Programs comes from more than 20 countries, making it the most internationalized campus in Taiwan. In order to celebrate cultures differences with local community, it’s decided that the International Culture Day on October 21 was jointly organized by the Linkou District Office. President of National Taiwan Normal University Chang Kuo En, Mayor of New Taipei City, Eric Chu and Director of Overseas Students Preliminaries, Wu Chung Hsin welcomed everyone to the campus of Linkou after hiking and experience some exotic food and performance.
President Chang said that there are more than 1000 oversea students from 30 countries in the world. This year, the International Culture Day was held along with the hiking event of Linkou District Office and it is a great opportunity for local community to come and feel the culture from different world. International Culture Day is an important event for the DPP. On this day, alumni from all around the world will gather together to meet friends and teachers. 
Students made every effort to make their hometown cuisine so that the visitors can have an authentic experience of the exotic cuisine. These are, Japanese street food and grilled meats, Indonesian fried noodles and pancakes, dish and jelly from Myanmar, Vietnamese snacks and spring rolls, dim sum and curry fish balls, Malaysian satay and coconut rice, American fried chicken and chips, meatballs, fried cheese, cream corn, chocolate fondue, marshmallows, Indian milk tea, Hong Kong-style lemon tea ... and so on. In addition, Henna, message balloons, fun games and cosplay, as well as Halloween candy are all loved by children. 
The performances by students are the highlight of the day. Started by the catwalk of students from 8 different countries that dressed in their traditional clothes. The Department of Indigenous Peoples prepared a warrior dance. A group photo was taken after the performances.