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Pennsylvania State University Visited NTNU for Cooperation

Vice Provost for Global Programs, Michael Adewumi, Director of Global Engagement Martin Trethewey, Professor Rose Lee‐Yong Tan and other administrators from Pennsylvania State University visited NTNU on October 26th. A luncheon was held for Pennsylvania State University (PSU) alumni and Vice President Wu Cheng Chih. On October 27th, the administrators met with Vice President Sung Yao Ting to discuss the benchmarking policy.
Pennsylvania State University is a public research university at the state of Pennsylvania. Its University Park campus, is ranked 15th in all public universities in the states. There are 43,252 students in University Park campus and in total, there are more than 84,000 students in all campus of PSU, making it one of the biggest public schools in America.
PSU and NTNU started in 2015. David H. Monk, Dean of the College of Education at that time came and signed an MOU and co-established the Advanced Center for the Study of Learning Sciences. Both universities are specialized in education research. Benchmarking policy is promoted in the two universities. The Department of Civic Education and Leadership, the Department of English, the Department of Industrial Education, and Department of Earth Science, the Department of Technical Application and Human Resource Development and the Graduate Institute of Science Education are the departments that involve in the benchmarking policy of PSU. Vice President Sung said that from his experience with the professors and the visit to the workshop by PSU, he admired the professors from PSU and is positive about future cooperation.