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NTNU brings you to 5,000 IB Schools in the world

NTNU is proud to receive the first IB certificate for teacher education program in Taiwan. This time, the application of International Education and Mandarin Education were sent and approved. In the future, students may acquire the teaching certificate of IB school directly. It’ beneficial to students in professional skills and career finding. 
For decades, NTNU has been the leader of teacher's education in Taiwan. After the establishment of College of Teacher Education in August 2017, the consultant visitors of IB recommended NTNU to be the first IB school for teacher education program in Taiwan this January.
Director Liu, Mei-hui of the College of Teacher Education said that there are two reasons for NTNU to becoming an International Baccalaureate school. First, NTNU agree with the concept of IB. The program emphasis on international education and all-round development. When teacher education student of NTNU finished their education program, they can get a International certificate. It opens up the possibility of teaching at more than 5000 IB schools around the world.
Dr. Yeh Yi-Fen of the College of Teacher Education is in charge of the IB certification. She said that it took us two to three years for getting the certificate. Associate Professor at the Dept. of Applied Chinese Language and Culture Lin Zhen-Xing said that before, students majoring Chinese teaching have to go abroad for practice teaching. After NTNU acquires the certificate, now students can complete practice teaching in 7 IB schools in Taiwan including Taipei American School, Taipei European School, Victoria Academy, Kaohsiung American School, Taipei Kuei Shan School, Kang Chiao International Schoo l and I-Shou International School. 
Also, Prof. Lin said that there were more opportunities for students to teach Chinese in universities, now more and more people learn Chinese at earlier stages of their life. He also said that it would be a great opportunities for student to teach at IB school because of the International teaching environment and decent salary.
Also, if you are teachers at IB school, the tuition of your children will be waived. Director Liu said that due to law birth rate, it’s harder for teachers to find a stable position. After getting the certificate, students in NTNU will have a different option. Now the Department of Math and the Department of Physics is about to apply for the IB certificate. 
Assistant Professor Chang Li Yun said that for each IB certificated member, there’s an account that you can have access to the material shared by teachers around the world, like preparing for lessons, video resources, teaching method and database, course outline and so on.