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Ronaldo from Paraguay Appreciates Taiwan Scholarship that Takes him to PhD Studies

Ronaldo Luis Rodas Jara, a senior student from the Dept. of special education, came to Taiwan with the scholarship from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The research of special education in Taiwan is the top in Asia. Ronaldo came here because he cared about the minority group, special education and potential development. Later, he was accepted by the phD program of the University of Warwick in England with his distinguished performance. 

He praised Taiwan and said that he really enjoyed studying in Taiwan. The professors are professional and Taiwanese people are hospitable. These are the reasons for him to come study here. He received an award for outstanding performance on the 2018 Farewell Party of Taiwan Scholarship And Hauyu Enrichment Scholarship Program on May 14th. Ronaldo started volunteering in a local neighborhood in high school and visited the States as Paraguay Ambassador, where he learned about the scholarship program of Taiwan. 

He said that there's no sidewalk in his hometown. Ronaldo has been living in Taiwan for 5 years. He is very used to Taiwanese delicacy and also wants to visit sun moon lake but he still misses his hometown. When speaking about the most special memories, he told us about the charity event of second-hand cloth collecting in the Dept. of Special education. In the end, they have collected more than 400 kg of clothes and donate them to 50 underprivileged families in Paraguay.  

Taiwan Scholarship And Hauyu Enrichment Scholarship Program is like a bridge that connects young people around the work to better opportunities in Taiwan, where they can make dreams come true. Ronaldo said that there's a tremendous gap between Paraguay and Taiwan in special education. There's not a single education institute for special care in his hometown Yhu, ( located at East Paraguay, about 200 km from its capital Asunción) and local teachers don't know how to deal with kids that need special care. He said that after returning to his hometown, he wants to promote special education and help special children with his knowledge and passion.