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First Graduate Students to be Gogoro Technician Lecturers

Two graduate students, Lin Chong Yi, Hus Chi Chia, from the Department of Industrial Education has become the lecturer of Gogoro maintenance training course. They feel positive about the future of electric automobile. The Department of Industrial Education of NTNU was authorized by Gogoro to hold the Gogoro maintenance training courses, with the help of the Intelligent Transport Society. It's an embodiment of industry-university cooperative research project
Prof. Chen Mei Yung, the project coordinator, said that the market of electronic automobile is booming. By this cooperation, more certificated technician can join the market and NTNU can also be a training center for Gogoro maintenance. He hopes that this plan can also apply to vocational schools in Taiwan. From February 19th to 22nd, Gogoro certificated teachers, including lecturers and graduate students, gave lessons about the assembling and repairing techniques. They are the only two certified lecturers who are also students. 
With the rapid changes in the industry, the development of electric motor bikes has driven the growth of the overall supply chain system, and the demand for maintenance technician has also increased significantly. However, because of the power, structure and system of the electric vehicles are different from gasoline powered cars, the existing technicians don't have the knowledge of repairing electric cars. Training and verification are necessary for a qualified technician. It has also become a key issue in current industrial transformation.
Recently, NTNU has become comprehensive university. In order to effectively integrate and share the resources of teaching and research in school, we work hard on professional development, competitiveness of students, and continuously expand the cooperation between industry and education, which is beneficial to students after they graduate. We also work with the industry to improve research capacity, combine industry technology and academic expertise to raise future talents. There will be about 18 to 20 Gogoro maintenance training course sessions this year and each session is opened to 16 participants. Those who received the certificate are allowed to join the training of Gogoro to become lecturers. Together we are the key soft power of transforming the motorcycle industry in Taiwan.