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Pre-service Teachers Visited Chiba University

Since we have established an exchange program with Chiba University in 2017, we have been sending pre-service teachers abroad for training.  In 2019, the exchange program was hosted by Professor Yeh Yi Fen, four pre-service teachers were sent to Japan in July for a two-week training. 
Chiba University is a national university in the city of Chiba, Japan. It offers Doctoral degrees in education as part of a coalition with Tokyo Gakugei University, Saitama University, and Yokohama National University. The university was formed in 1949 from existing educational institutions in Chiba Prefecture. Chiba University was reincorporated in 2010 under the National University Corporation Act. Chiba University has been ranked 75th on the Asia University Rankings 2013 Top 100 by "The Times Higher Education This year, the pre-service teachers visited the kindergarten, elementary school, middle school and school for the blind and visually impaired. NTNU became the first IB school in Taiwan since 2018, therefore, they visited the Tokyo Gakugei University for the IB Teacher Training Program about Differentiated Inquiry Based Teaching and Learning given by Director Shammid. 
According to one pre-service teacher, she found out that in the English courses, students learn debate and to think independently. They have Assistant Language Teacher in elementary school classrooms to assist students in English pronunciation, listening and reading. Another pre-service teacher said that Japanese students are highly active in learning. Junior high school students need to work on projects and discuss about social issues. One pre-service teacher said that kindergarten students spend lots of time in nature and learn by doing. In addition to 
visiting schools, they also attend seminars and observe classes in English-taught classes. The pre-service teachers gave a presentation about the food trade between Taiwan and Japan. Japanese students are especially interested in the export of Taiwanese tea. They also talked about the Education System in Taiwan, Teacher Cultivation Process in NTNU, IB Education in Taiwan and Taiwan Culture.