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Ten Students Begin Their One-month Trip to Ritsumeikan

<p><font face="Arial">By Joanna Tung<br /> Campus Reporter</font></p> <p><font face="Arial">A group of 10 students from six universities joined the Office of International Affairs&rsquo; (OIA) culture and language program to Japan&rsquo;s Ritsumeikan University and took off today.</font></p> <p><font face="Arial">In addition to five National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) students, another five participants came from National Chengchi University (政治大學), China Medical University (中國醫藥大學), Chienkuo Technology University (建國科技大學), Fujen Catholic University (輔仁大學) and Soochow University (東吳大學).</font></p> <p><font face="Arial">OIA said that they decided to recruit students from other schools to make sure that the trip would be carried out.</font></p> <p><font face="Arial">&quot;NTNU students seemed not to be so interested in this trip.&nbsp; That was shy we promote this trip to other schools and invited their students to join us,&rdquo; said Wang Chia-yu (王嘉瑜), an assistant coordinator for OIA.</font></p> <p><font face="Arial">The trip began today and these 10 students will return on Aug. 2.&nbsp; For the five-week trip to Japan, Wang said it would only cost NT$105,000 (US$3,500) each.</font></p> <p><font face="Arial">First-year student of the China Medical University&rsquo;s Graduate Institute of Basic Medical Science Lee Cheng-hung (李政鴻) would call it a fair price to fulfill his Japan dream.</font></p> <p><font face="Arial">&quot;I am a fan of all Japan-related issues.&nbsp; I would take advantage of the trip to continue my practice in Japanese and learn more about Japanese culture,&rdquo; he said.</font></p> <p><font face="Arial">Jheng Wei-cian (鄭為謙), sophomore &nbsp;of Chienkuo Technology University's <font face="Arial">Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, </font>said that as a management major, he had heard a lot about Japan&rsquo;s remarkable management mechanisms.&nbsp; He would join the trip because he is planning to do his further study in management in Japan in the future.</font></p> <p><font face="Arial"><br /> </font>&nbsp;</p>