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NTNU President Promises Graduate Students with More Faculty and Classrooms

<p>By Amber Wang<br /> Campus Reporter</p> <p>Not enough experienced teachers and not enough classrooms became the center of discussion during an annual meeting between National Taiwan Normal University&rsquo;s graduate students and President Gou Yih-shun (郭義雄) and his fellow administrative officers today.</p> <p>These representatives came from different graduate institutes but they wished to remain anonymous when approached.</p> <p>Lu (盧) from Graduate Institute of History and Hou (侯) from Graduate Institute of Chinese all said that they would welcome experienced professors to return to the campus for classes because these experienced professors always have something valuable to share.</p> <p>English Graduate Institute student Huang (黃) complained about limited classrooms.</p> <p>&quot;We have three groups &ndash; teaching, linguistics and literature &ndash; but all of us have to share the only one classroom,&rdquo; Huang said.</p> <p>The same complaint came from Music graduate student Chang (張) while he said that 300 music major students are sharing 32 classrooms.</p> <p>The president promised new constructions on the campus in the upcoming year in response to that complaint.</p> <p>Gou also promised that relative policies will be designed and carried out by following students&rsquo; needs, while he also encouraged students to learn how to deal with all kinds of challenges and difficulties that they might encounter.</p>